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Weekly Gratitude Communities

December 29, 2009

Besides this blog, we have two communities we’ve setup for this project. You do not have to use either of them and this place will be the main place where we post everything but I wanted to let you know about them just in case you would like to join us there, too.

Willow Traders
Willow Traders is a wonderful online community for scrapbookers and they have setup a special message board just for Weekly Gratitude. If you’re not already a member of Willow Traders, we highly encourage you to go check it out.

We have a Weekly Gratitude Group setup just for this project. If you’re already on Flickr (or even if you’re not) come on by and join. We plan to highlight others’ work every single week so this is an excellent place for you to post images of your weekly art.

If you plan to do this elsewhere, please do leave us a comment so we can come check it out. And if you just plan to do it on your own blog, leave us links each week to that, too, so we can see and be inspired by your entires. Showing other people’s gratitude is a big part of what we hope to do here.

As we get comments, we’ll add these communities to the side of our blog.

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