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Kindle Love

February 4, 2010

Since we had a fabulous guest on Monday, I am combining my gratitude post with my thoughts post, today. One of the ways I reset myself is to read. I read every day and it really helps me stop the crazy thought cycle at the end of the day. I sleep well when I read before I sleep and I feel refreshed. This is my best way of nurturing my soul. I received a Kindle for Christmas and it’s quickly become my new best friend. There is nothing like the instant gratification of getting what you want when you want it for a great price!

My journaling says: I’m thankful for instant books. Reading each night resets me. My Kindle ensures I never go without.

Since it’s a new month and new theme I made my next divider page and created more prompts. This month they are:

  1. Shopping
  2. Chick flicks
  3. Girls’ night
  4. Music
  5. Comfort food
  6. Art
  7. Books

I have each of these tucked into the pocket above. It serves as a reminder if I get stuck during the month. It, also, serves as another record of things for which I’m grateful.

I have not shared how I’ve posted the templates in my book, so I’d like to do that now. I literally just print them out and put them in. On one of them, I added a little decoration, but it was very simple.

This is my second week gratitude.

This is my third week gratitude and you can see I added some chipboard to the page, but It probably didn’t need it.

This is my fourth week gratitude.

And this is my February divider page. The butterfly symbolizes flight and to me the soul should fly.

Thank you for continuing to post your gratitude with us.


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  1. Verona Highsmith permalink
    February 8, 2010 8:27 pm

    I really really like what you said about reading at night. It expresses my feelings, except I don’t have the gift for writing that you do. Thank you for helping me be aware of ways it helps me to read. I apppreciate what the both of you are doing with this site this year. I think it is a needed thing in today’s stressed out world.

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