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The Sea

April 30, 2010

The journaling reads:
I’ve never lived in a city that wasn’t by the water. Istanbul, where I grew up, is two peninsulas. I then went to college in Pittsburgh which has three big rivers. After college, I moved to Manhattan. An island. After that, we moved to La Jolla, which is by the Pacific Ocean. Now, we live in Menlo Park, which is in the Silicon Valley peninsula. I’ve also lived in London on and off for a few months and Japan for six months. Both of which are islands. I told you: I’ve always had water nearby.

There’s something magical about the sea, for me. When we lived in San Diego, we used to often go to Torrey Pines State Reserve where you can see incredible views of the vast ocean and I remember the feeling of peace that filled me up each time we went. I miss being that close to the sea. I love looking at the water and seeing nothing but endless amounts of water meeting with the sky so it’s just an expansive palette of blues, puffy whites and the sandy brown of the beach. I cannot imagine anything more beautiful and calming for my soul.

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