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A Tough Year

May 20, 2010

This has been a really tough year for my youngest. We discovered he has several food allergies along with a cat allergy last Spring. It seems he’s gained a pollen allergy this year. He has been sick for the last two months and it’s been hard on all of us. Lately, his eyeball has been swelling up. It clears up with allergy medicine, but it’s been happening frequently. The weather isn’t helping. I keep hearing it’s the worst allergy season ever. If my son is an indication, I believe it.

I woke up, today, feeling really down. It’s hard to allow room for gratitude when health issues are on your mind. It’s hard to watch someone else suffer, especially when they are too young to really help you understand why they are suffering. So, I woke up really feeling down. I can’t seem to do anything to help my little guy, expect keep him on the medicine and even that is falling short.

His symptoms escalated last night and I insisted the doctor see him, this morning. Here is the thing; my worry bucket is overflowing. I can’t handle anything more without causing my own suffering. I called our doctor and she took us in, despite being booked solid. She is a wonderful pediatric doctor. I trust her completely. In all my worry and fear, today, she was a ray of light showing me it’s all really ok and we will get through it. She gave me a game plan, which this rule follower needed. She gave me hope, which reduced my worry bucket to a manageable level. And, when we left her office and I was filled with gratitude and relief, instead of dread and worry.

So, I woke  this morning feeling down and empty, but I sought help. I am grateful for Pediatricians who take care of little bodies and parents minds.

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