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Special Guest for June – Jenny Doh

June 1, 2010

Jenny Doh is the founder and president of CRESCENDOh which is a brand new business that inspires creative passion, authentic community, and focused compassion. She used to be the Editor-in-Chief & Director of Publishing for Somerset Studio and its sister publications. You can find more about her at her blog. We are truly delighted to have her here as our guest for June.

Every day, I start with a list. There are easy things on the list and there are difficult things on the list. Every day, I force myself to start with the most difficult thing on my list. Because if I don’t start that way, I’ll just check off the easy things and never get to the difficult things …

Like making the phone call to the person I need to iron out the conflict with.

Like balancing my checkbook.

Like writing my editor’s letter.

And when I finish the most difficult thing on my list, the rest of the list is like riding down hill on a bicycle without pedaling. It’s easy. And life is good.

And as I coast downhill, I find myself able to count blessings. How blessed am I that I have a projects that I’m involved with where tough matters emerge, requiring me to use my skills to iron out conflicts and to move to the next level? How blessed am I that I have a checking account, that I have money in my account, that I have to balance? How lucky am I that I have experiences like all of this to draw from, to write editor’s letters and other works of writing?


They’re like traditions. They help provide a framework around the work that we do, and allow us to gain focus. Through routines, I am able to gain perspective of all that I have in my life that I ought to never take for granted.

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