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Video Chat

June 4, 2010

Journaling Reads:
My family lives very far away. And I’ve only traveled back home one time since my five-year-old son was born. Even though my parents try to visit me once or twice a year, I see my sister and nephews even more rarely than that. I always worried that my kids would never get to be close to my family.

All that was before video chat became so readily available. Now, everyday when I come back from picking up my son from school, we all sit at the table and chat with my mom and dad while we eat our lunch. We talk about our day, we make funny faces, we laugh. It’s like they are sitting right next to us.

I cannot tell you the joy those few moments give me. My one-year-old son is already so used to it that as I click to dial them, he already starts smiling and shrieks with joy when my mom’s face appears on the screen. This is the most I’ve talked to them since I moved to the United States. Actually it might be the most I’ve talked to them since l was a little girl. Video chats with my family are a daily routine in our house and I am really really grateful for this technology.

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