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Video Monitor

June 18, 2010

Journaling Reads:

When my older son was two, he took to taking his clothes off during nap time. We’d often go in to find him stark naked, sleeping in the middle of his crib. This became more and more difficult since he wasn’t potty trained at the time.

We tried several things like putting a shirt over his pajamas, but it took him a few days to figure out all he had to do was put his arms under the shirt to open the zipper. Or undo the buttons, etc. So finally we bought a video monitor. This way, we could watch him as he hopped in his bed and catch him right as he started to take his clothes off. Not only did that work, but it also meant I got to watch my beautiful little boy while he slept without bothering him.

Since then, the video monitor is something I recommend to all new moms and I use it religiously with my little one. I love watching him and knowing that he’s still sleeping even when he sometimes screams. I know he’s safe. I don’t have to go in there to check on him and worry about waking him up each time. This little screen is a part of my day, it comes with me everywhere I go and I am so very thankful for it.

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