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On Routines Not My Own…

June 24, 2010

I have many different routines for our family. There are those for myself and those for the boys. We even have routines for the pets.

These are all habits and, as such, are easy to follow. It’s when I want to make a new routine that I sometimes stumble. This usually has to do with food routines. I’ve decided to do a special diet for three weeks. I want to have more energy and I want to feel lighter. I don’t care so much that I lose weight. I just want to feel better.

I have a lot of incentive to stay on this routine for the three weeks. To be fair, I’ve never made it through a diet in my life. I always gain weight when I try to diet. This time, I’m not dieting. I’m attempting to find a solution for my low energy and tiredness. I’m going to eliminate certain foods, then add them back slowly to see what is making me feel this way. I know the three weeks will be tough (no coffee!!!), but I can only imagine how grateful I will be to know which food has been bothering me, so much. I’m looking forward to that. I’m looking forward to the acceptance of the new routine and the calm of knowing it was my choice.

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