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Routinely Expressing Gratitude

June 29, 2010

A few years ago, I took a class on increasing your energy. It sounds sort of wishy washy but it was the furtherest thing from that. It was tangible and actionable and I left the class feeling energized and it has changed my life considerably. Even years later, I am still benefiting from it.

One of the things the presenter mentioned during class was that he writes thank you notes every single day. Sometimes several. And how this energizes him and makes him feel happier and better instantly. That’s the power of expressing gratitude. It pays back as much as it pays forward. Thanking someone often makes you realize all that you have. All that this person has done for you. Even the small things add up. And those are the most worthwhile because I bet no one else takes the time to thank that person for them.

That idea stuck with me all these years later and after having read The Happiness Project recently, I decided I wanted to take this on for one of my July projects.

During the month of July, I plan to send a thank-you note to at least one person every single day. Actually I will send an email. Yes, it might be more impersonal but I use email all day long. I type fast and I am efficient with it. I also can express myself much more eloquently when I am typing. All these things mean that the letter will actually get written, be meaningful, and get sent (without my having to forage for stamps.). What matters most is that I write it and I send it.

Maybe I can convince you to join me. Spend the 31 days of July writing thank you letters. It will take about 15 minutes a day and I promise it will be worth every single second. And imagine the karma from sending all that goodwill out there…

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