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Special Guest for July – Judy Wise

July 1, 2010

Judy wise is an incredibly versatile and inspiring artist. Her work has been in countless books and she works in a multitude of mediums. Her journaling pages are lush with imagery and emotion. You can see more of her art and buy it on her site and you can find more about her at her blog. We are truly delighted to have her here as our guest for July.

For some time now part of my spiritual and journaling work has been to notice and write about gratitude. I chose the subject of people because of all the things in my life that I value there is nothing I value more than my friends and the people I meet as I travel and teach. The years have taught me that having good, supportive people surrounding me is a strength I can draw on and then expand on by giving back to others in return.

Years ago I faced a medical event that had me frightened. At that time I was surrounded by ambitious friends who were focused on their careers. I think they call them high rollers. I also had a neighbor who was in her 70’s that I didn’t feel real close to and a mother with whom I had a difficult relationship. It was very interesting to me who I turned to in that moment. First I telephoned my mother who lived out of state. She was a rock and did all she could to reassure me. Then I went to my elderly neighbor’s house and told her that I was frightened and felt alone. For the first time in our friendship she walked right over to me and put her arms around me and held me tight. It was all that I needed. Two women who really loved me just for myself, not for my role in life or my accomplishments.

Just as I love my friends, I’ll also acknowledge that I’ve learned to choose them carefully. I gently remove myself from people who energize on gossip or who are far afield of my belief that diversity is beautiful and that all of us are equally precious. I choose kind people to love. (It wasn’t always that way. Don’t be discouraged if you are still learning this lesson.)

I think the best practice there is for a lousy day is to sit with the journal and write out a gratitude list. Make it a habit to find the silver lining; not just to be a pollyanna but because it will make your own life easier. At first it may take a little effort to see the good in the situation but in time you will see that what you are writing is true. If you think only about what is wrong, everything will seem wrong. But if you celebrate the people and the blessings in your life you will find that you are surrounded by beauty. Enough to eat. Shelter. Love from others.

If we took away everything else in life that we can think of to desire, I believe that love alone, friendships, and caring people, would still make life worthwhile. Find the good ones and give them your heart.

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  1. lorigentile permalink*
    July 1, 2010 12:34 pm

    What an incredible post! Thank you so much!

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