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The People Behind the Scenes

July 6, 2010

It’s amazing how many people come in and out of our lives every single day. People we don’t always pay attention to. The mailman who delivers your mail every day, rain or shine. The FedEx guy and the UPS one. The garbage and recycling collectors. The people who clean the streets you walk down. And the ones who keep the city you live in safe.

I read a short story collection recently called Let the Great World Spin and it’s about several interconnected stories that are taking place at the same time. And there’s a person or two that’s connected in each of them, some more visibly than others. That made me realize that if we were to zoom way way out and look down upon our lives, we’d discover that so many of us come in and out of each other’s lives daily. The woman you pay at the grocery store and the neighbor who’s walking his dog. The waitress who brings your sandwich or the one who prepares your coffee. We touch each other’s lives in small and big ways, often without even realizing it.

Who knows what’s happening in their lives. What tragedies they might be facing. What sickness. Or anticipation of something big. Fear. Even joy.

So, I thought, today we should take a moment to express some gratitude to the people in the edges of our life. The people that otherwise recede to the background. Maybe with a wide smile. Or a little note in the mailbox. A big tip.

You never know, it might be the highlight of their day. What you do know is that it’s guaranteed to be one of yours.

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  1. debi permalink
    July 6, 2010 8:50 am

    What a GREAT post Karen! I always try to remember that when the person behind the counter may be a little cranky or rude, to think that perhaps they are just having a bad day, or that something crappy is happening to their life and I try to be nicer than ever, hoping that they’ll have a bit better day cuz of my kindness. One of my favorite things to do is to tip the McD’s worker a 5 dollar bill for a 2 dollar Happy Meal. They’re not suppose to take tips, but I just hand it to them and then drive away so they can’t give it back. I’ve worked fast food before and those people work their BUTTS off for minimum wage. EVERYone is worthy…. and where would we be without the people that do those hard jobs to give us our fast food fix?


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