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My Husband

July 16, 2010

Journaling Reads:
I met Jake sixteen years ago. What are the chances that the man I met in my third year in the United States would end up being my husband? What are the chances I’d find someone who completes me so fully, so perfectly, so quickly? Or ever.

Jake is everything I am not: funny, confident, happy. And he is everything I am: computer-savvy, kind, curious. And he’s so much more. He’s loving and generous. He’s always there for me right when I need him an exactly in the way I need him.

I’ve always wished I had a best friend. One to sit with in silence. One to go on adventures with. One to laugh with and one to cry with and I’ve always been sad that I never had one.

But then I realized I had one all along.

Jake is my best friend and more. He is the person I talk to when I am trying to make a decision and I need advice. The person I go to when I need to vent or cry. The person who hugs me (and his hugs are the very best!) when I need to feel less alone in the world. And how lucky am I that he also happens to be my children’s father, my life partner, and the person I will get to spend my forever with?

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