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Being Moved

August 5, 2010

Art is obvioulsy subjective. Something one person is drawn to may go unnoticed by someone else. I am much more excited about art if it makes me feel something. I would rather really dislike a piece of art, than not feeling anything toward it. That’s what I love about art. I love that it can provoke me or move me in ways I wasn’t expecting.

I have some art work above my fire place that my cousin dislikes. He feels it’s too “dark”. I, on the other hand, completely relate to the piece. It’s a person completely covered in a black cape carrying a giant red heart. It has an innocence to it. When I saw it for the first time I knew it was me in that painting. I have always felt anonymous and have always carried my heart on my sleeve. I love looking at it. I love that it’s a reminder to me to not feel that way about myself. I see nothing dark about the piece. In fact, I see inner radiance and someone who’s not afraid to put their heart out there.

I love that art compels us. I’m grateful for this theme this month, as it serves to remind me to open my heart to more art and to truly enjoy the art I have.

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