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Special Guest for October – Becky Novacek

October 1, 2010

I’ve long been a fan of Becky Novacek. Her photography is stunning, her scrapbooking is truly different and wonderful and her blog posts always *always* inspire me so much. You can find out more about her at her blog. We are truly delighted to have her here as our guest for October.

one of the things that i am probably most passionate about are my personal rituals or traditions. until about 15 years ago, i didn’t give much thought to rituals…i was sort of a “fly by the seat of your pants” kinda girl! i didn’t really know what was missing, but i knew something was missing in my life, because i was constantly in survival mode. i read the book “simple abundance” about that time and even though it was a little new age-ish for me, i picked up some great tips for living in the moment and being grateful. i started a gratitude journal and i have to say, that the simple act of ending every day with 5 very specific things i was grateful for (no generic answers), changed everything. i started to look for the beauty in every day living. at that time, i was working at a little tearoom, hostessing and waiting on tables, so this was not a very glamorous daily life! nonetheless, i found that even though my circumstances hadn’t changed, my mindset had. i became more disciplined about how i chose to live each day and i found good things in each day.

giving conscious thought to little things that made me happy and then following through with a little discipline to make them actually happen was well worth the effort. i haven’t looked back.

some of my personal rituals are so simple, yet so satisfying-
*morning coffee and devotionals (the key is that this time is unrushed)
*cooking and eating at least one meal a day with tom
*sunday church and dinner at foo’s
*afternoon tea and newpaper
*wednesday bagel time with friends
*bedtime – reading and snuggling with scooter and tom (one of my favorite times of the day!)
*daily creativity
*flea marketing with tom, donna and jamie (we have a once a year market that we put on our calendars the minute we get a new calendar! it’s non-negotiable!)

i know that these are busy days. but if we don’t pay attention to the moments and live only to survive or to put out fires and urgent things, then no time is devoted to what matters to us. choosing the important over the urgent has long term benefits….contentment, peace, joy. it’s made all the difference for me! God bless your day and your daily choices!


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