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Meaningful Presents

October 8, 2010

Journaling Reads:
In my family, we always create a special present for big birthdays. For my father’s 50th we made a videotape of all of his friends telling stories. For my mom’s 50th, we made her a website with all her friends. For my sister’s 30th, I made her a book. And just recently for his 36th, I made my husband a book of stories from all of his life.

This year, I decided to take the tradition even further and not wait for a “big year.” Life is short and one birthday is no more significant than another, if you ask me. Why wait until we reach a big, round number when I can make a meaningful present now?

So my hope from now on is to make something meaningful as often as I can. These presents take time and effort from not just me but others, so it won’t necessarily be an annual event. At least not at this scale. But it will be frequent and it won’t wait for a 50, 60, 90. It will be as often as I can and whatever birthday comes next.

Or I won’t even wait for a birthday. Any day is special, right?

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