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The Advantages of Traditions

October 12, 2010

I was thinking about traditions last week. Since that’s the theme of this month and since the holiday season is fast approaching, traditions are on my mind lately. It seems many of our traditions surround the holidays and surround family. And yet, what’s a tradition but a recurring activity?

Something we do again and again just because someone, somewhere along the line, started it and we’re choosing to continue it. I must admit that being a routine and schedule-lover, I cherish our traditions. I see them coming every year and I can plan for them and doing them gives me a major sense of accomplishment.

In fact, I’ve been thinking recently that I love traditions so much that I want to create some of my own, just for myself. For example, I could start one called Wednesday Lunch where each Wednesday I go to a local cafe with a favorite book and my little boy. This way, I get to eat something I love, take a little break out of my work day and get out of the house on a regular basis. (I work from home so it’s easy to stay in all day long.) If I do it once or twice, I might stop doing it but if I call it my weekly tradition, then it feels like something more substantial. It feels more sacred and I am less likely to skip it. And it means I get to actually go out and enjoy the California sunshine weekly.

After all, it’s a tradition.

So here’s my plan: set two new traditions that encourage me to do something I love on a regular basis.

How about you set one with me, too? Maybe it’s having a cup of coffee somewhere I can people-watch. Or reserving some time to read. Or writing in my journal. Maybe it’s meeting a friend to go to the movies every Thursday. It can be a daily commitment or a monthly one. Or even a yearly one. As long as it’s something that makes you happy. What would be on your list?

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