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Courage to Make New Traditions

October 14, 2010

I love family traditions and I’m not fond of change. So, when I had my children, I followed the family traditions to the “t”. I didn’t waver. It involved me running my kids back and forth during each holiday and that became very tiring and not good for them. It, also, was not relaxing. I knew I wanted to do things differently, but it was hard. I didn’t want my family to feel that I did not want to spend time with them because that is very far from the truth. I, also, didn’t want my boys to grow up thinking that our immediate family did not have any traditions of our own to share.

Two years ago, I gathered all my courage and made some phone calls. I explained how I was feeling and why I wanted to stay at home for the holidays. I invited the family to come gather with us instead. I was so worried they would be furious with me, but they weren’t. You know what I heard? “Our time is past. It’s your time to create your family traditions. We are happy to change to accommodate your young family”. Ah! It was so wonderful to be supported. I am so grateful my family understood. I am so grateful we still get together and celebrate. Even more so, because we gather at my home and my children get to drink it all in and enjoy it without being ripped from one place to another.

We are forging our own newer traditions and keeping the older, more precious ones. The places may have changed, but the heart (the family) is still very much there. And, when my boys are old enough to have children of their own and I have daughter-in-laws, I intend to carry on the most important learned tradition of letting go, showing grace and flexibility.

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  1. October 14, 2010 9:14 pm

    so very very true lori!!

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