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Car Trips

October 15, 2010

Journaling Reads:
In 2003 my husband and I spent two months driving across the United States.

Prior to that, we’d been living in New York City and hadn’t even owned a car. Prior to that, I had never camped. I refused to use a public bathroom. I couldn’t really drive. I always overpacked for car trips. I spent a long time picking hotels and restaurants. I couldn’t read a map.

This one trip changed all of that. In two months I learned to become a master navigator. I could put up a tent in the dark. I slept anywhere from mountain sides to swamp sides. I used pretty much all kinds of public bathrooms (and even gas station ones – but I still refuse to go into a port-a-potty.) I got really great at finding decent hotels and food. I learned to be flexible and enjoy every moment of being in the car.

That trip also was the start of a tradition for us. We’re definitely cartrip people now. We drive everywhere and I prefer it over any other kind of trip. I love being able to get in the car and just take off, knowing it’s all going to be perfectly fine.

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