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Daily Photos

October 22, 2010

Journaling Reads:
When my older son was born in 2005, I decided to take a photo of him every single day for his first year. I made posters with the 365 days’ worth of photos and loved seeing how much he changed in his first year of life. And then in 2008, I again decided to start taking daily photos and have been taking them without a break for almost three years, now.

These photos capture the essence of our lives. From the minutia to the rare big occasions. From the mundane to the special. These photos show our progress, our joy, our milestones, even our sorrows.

I look at my older photos regularly. I love flipping through and smiling at the memories that come rushing in. I love seeing what used to be ordinary for us and how much it’s changed.

Most significantly, taking the moment to take photos has improved my memory considerably. Because I have to take the extra few seconds to look through the shutter, it’s like I freeze that moment in my mind, too. And now it’s etched there forever. So I can stop time whenever I wish.

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