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Family Nights

October 28, 2010

We have two relaxed family traditions; Friday Night Game Night and Saturday Night Movie Night. These are subject to change with our schedule, but for the most part we do these every week.

Friday Night Game Night is the newer of the two. We have to modify with our 4-year-old or else he’s bored and running around instead. But, overall, it’s really fun family time. It’s a good time to discover games we haven’t played and rediscover games my husband and I enjoyed in our youth. I love that my kiddos are learning strategy and math and are having fun in the process. It’s, also, a great time to learn about being competitive, yet being a good sport.

Saturday Night Movie Night is just that. We plan ahead and get a Netflix movie or run out to RedBox for a last minute one. It’s not always easy to find a suitable family movie we all will enjoy. I think the boys love the popcorn the best, but the movie usually gets watched all the way through and we try to discuss themes at the end.

The thing about family nights, for me, is the consistency of doing things together each and every week. These things are small things that we enjoy now and my hope is that when the boys get older and their schedules get busier we still find a family night tradition to do each week. What’s the old saying? The Family that plays together stays together? I think it’s true. It’s too easy in this electronic world to turn away from family time and go off by oneself and play video games or surf the internet. I can’t remember the last time I was at a birthday party when the adults weren’t off in the corner checking their iphones instead of interacting with the other adults. I don’t get this. When I left corporate life, I was overjoyed to turn in my leashes (in those days a text pager and a palm pilot). So, for me, family night is all about interacting, doing the same thing together as a family, even if it’s watching a movie or playing video games.

It’s pretty cool to play a board game with your littles and to hear them open up about school or a friend because they feel safe and comfortable. I realize they only get to live with us for so long and then they will be off to college and pursuing careers and ultimately families of their own. 18 years seems really long when you’re in the thick of it, but it’s really, really short and I want to spend as much time with them as I can as a family unit.

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