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Special Guest for November – Pam Garrison

November 1, 2010

I’m a huge fan of Pam Garrison. Her art is unique and meaningful and one of a kind. You can find out more about her at her blog. We are truly honored to have her here as our guest for November.

There are so many things to be grateful for, and so many ways to honor that gratitude. One gratitude ritual I have was inspired by the book Simple Abundance by Sara Ban Breathnach. Before reading Sara’s book, I would hit the pillow with thoughts of my day, but not happy thoughts; instead, what I did wrong thoughts, what I should be doing thoughts, you know, ugly, critical thoughts. I did eventually reflect on what I was grateful for, but it was always the biggies: my children, husband, health, etc.

After reading Simple Abundance, my last thoughts of the day turned to a focus on gratitude. But not the biggies so much…at least not first off. Each night as I lay down and begin to reflect on my day, I practice my list of 5; five things I am grateful for, specific to that day and that day only, and the rule is they CAN’T be the biggies. It can be any little thing that made my day a better day, the smaller the better. Here are some examples: my son not fighting me about doing his homework, or that the teacher didn’t assign homework, that I didn’t get caught in traffic, that I made that call and it worked out, or something that happened for my husband or children. Really, anything goes, just not the everyday, huge, of course I’m thankful for things.

And you know what? everything has changed. I am far less unkind to myself, and feel much more blessed. By focusing on 5 small, usually insignificant to the big picture things, I realize how good life is and I look forward to a good day the next day as well, where I’m looking for the silver linings it holds, not the negatives. We have so much to be grateful for, as the journal page above says, “make a list, you will see”. It’s true! Go ahead, make a list, and might I suggest you start with the small things?

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