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November 5, 2010

Journaling Reads:
When I first started practicing photography, I remember being awed by the range of greens in nature. Have you ever noticed how very many shades of green there are? It’s breathtaking.

There is so much in nature that inspires me. The towering redwood trees of Marin, the endless Pacific Ocean, animals, flowers, the sky. Sand, water, snow, leaves. Pretty much all of it leaves me speechless.

On days when I am down or in need of some inspiration, I take my little boy and go on a walk in my neighborhood. I take the time to look at small details. The way young leaves of a plant are several shades lighter green than the mature ones. The way a single flower can have six shades of blue or red. The way a tulip opens wide like it’s waiting for a hug.

When I lived in Southern California, I used to go to the beach for that. My mom always said that she didn’t like seeing an endless ocean. She likes to look at the sea and see other islands, some land. Not me. I love the immensity of it all. I love how it makes me feel like all my problems are so small.

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