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The Perspective of Gratitude

November 16, 2010

For the last 11 months, I’ve been writing down three things I’m grateful for every single day. That’s 957 things so far. Of course, there are many that are repeated but still. That’s quite a few things that I can look at on a down day.

The thing is we have blessings to count even on the worst of days. Little things and big things. Health. A stranger’s smile. A favorite song on the radio. A roof to sleep under. The list might be different for each of us but it’s there. So are the bad moments. Even on the best of days, there might be a sorrowful moment, a missed opportunity, a negative comment. These are the pieces of life. Good and bad.

And you can choose to focus on either. The choice is completely yours.

Practicing daily gratitude forces you to take a moment and remember the good. Put the light on the positive moments of your day. And if you do that day after day, you eventually realize that all days have something good in them. You realize that life is pretty good for the most part. You realize that focusing on the good makes life feel better. Even during the rougher days, when you look back, you remember the good because you took that extra time to note it down. Memory is magical like that.

So, even if it’s just for the next few weeks, I hope you take the time to focus on the positive in your life and take the perspective of gratitude.

You will reap the benefits immediately.

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